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More Reviews:

WE NEED THIS BOOK! Nina is just the girl I have been looking for. Working in the field of education, I am constantly searching for books that promote diversity for children. Mirrors and windows are key for children who are learning to read. As children grow they need to understand their intelligence, inner strength and potential and see those qualities reflected in relatable literary characters. Nina is that girl. I love that she teaches young women about their inner power. Not just their brains, but their strength too. Strength does not need to be gendered. Superheroes do not need to be gendered. Nina is breaking those barriers for little girls everywhere and I just love it!

I read this wonderful book at my girls' school about a little brown girl who protects her community. What an inspirational story with beautiful illustrations written by Sonia Panigrahy and would recommend it to anyone who believes in teaching our little girls that they can be superheroes or anything they choose to be!

My daughter loves it and we read it over and over again.

My girls literally make me read it to them every night.

Sonia Panigrahy saw that girls of color had few heroes like them represented in children's literature. Sonia has now published a beautiful book that fills that void. It's one that will have a real impact for the children who read it. 

An inspiring and motivational book for young children. 

A fun and unique story that will spark your child's imagination.

This is a book that celebrates diversity and the strength of smart girls!

I liked the theme--help others in time of need. That is the purpose of life.

I loved the book. It's cool. The girl is like a friend of nature. She likes helping animals and it teaches little children that it's always nice to think about saving others' lives instead of getting comfortable. 

My niece won't leave the house without "Nina the Ninja."